Old Times, Old Times
Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 0 comment

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Hi guys, how are you?
As you see, I am BACK into the blogging world, fierce, feisty, ready to rule over the entire blogger-kingdom, and totally fresh after all those vacation to atlantis and north pole, being the first person to shake hands with the famous Santa Claus *evil laugh*(?)

Whoops, sorry dude got carried away. Oh and for your own safety do NOT think about or even read TWICE about the sentence up there. But i bet you'd read it twice anyway, and that's totally fine with me. Cool. No harm for you at all, i guess, not even any heart attacks.

Okay! So, just wanna tell something quite obvious. If you haven't noticed yet, I've changed my blog link back to the one i used to use (?). I was missing the online world, and I wanted to actually DO something rather than open youtube and listen to songs. So i started ANOTHER blog, and when i came to the part where you insert the link, i thought long and hard...

Voila! Why not use the old url? And yes, I did it. Unfortunately, dumb me, I deleted all those ancient posts and made myself feel like crying. But whatever, I am quite happy for myself after creating this blog, so yeah, it's okay.

Now, looks like I have no more topics to write about, I guess I'll leave it here. Bye!


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