Stardom Sisters - The Sims 3
Friday, May 30, 2014 - 0 comment
I am so putting this gif again.
Okay so today I am going to post the screen captures I took, not to mention the rest (which is just a duplication of the following screencaps). I am very sorry but I have to attach this annoying jump break so the capts won't mess up with my blog loading. I sure hope you'll enjoy a series of these capts /dumps it all over/.

First off, April Raine, our singer. And, *drumroll* here she is! I totally forgot about the Pose Player mod and those other place setting stuff, but whatever, i think Create-a-Sim is pretty nice.

She is bee-yoo-tiful, and her traits are:
Next stop is Elianna Swan, our acrobat. Or is it acrobatress? Oh well idc. She is GORgeous, and I love her diva-ism so much, and it really shows because of her hot-headed trait (OuO)
Her traits are:
And so here we end this part with a bonus of these random pics.
This is Javed Meir, April's boyfriend. omg karaokeeee
Elianna working extra hard to please the audience
Ladeeez and gentelmen, please welcome, April, the rising star!

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