Back With My Top 5 Songs and an Awesome GIF
Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 1 comment
Hullo! c:
I'm so sorry that I left this blog for a few days (or maybe a week), but I'm back! I just downloaded a huge bunch of custom contents for my The Sims 3 sims while repeating OVER AND OVER Team - Lorde. Seriously that song is stuck in my head, but I like it so nah I'm not complaining. Oh and by the way check out this gif:
I found it in a TS3 resource blog, and when I saw it, I'm like "Oh wow, that's really prettAAAAAUGH OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED DID SHE JU-ooohhhhhhhhh, i get it! That's really cute!" And come to think about it, the gif is REALLY AWESOME, I love it so much, little red riding hood who is actually the wolf. Wow. Applause and praises for the artist who drew this.

Back to topic, so to make up my absence, I'll just dump this list of my 'top songs' I think you definitely should listen.

1. Team - Lorde
2. Find You - ZEDD ft. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant (unsure if spelling's right, just wrote by memory)
3. Not A Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake
4. Ain't It Fun - Paramore (don't mind the contrast with not a bad thing 0u0)
5. Classic - MKTO

Okay that's it, five is enough. It is so dang hard to actually LIST IT UP guh.

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