Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 2 comment
Hey bloggas.
I've put an interest in Sims 3 lately, and it's not jUST an interest. It's more like...more like a lifetime...idek, lifetime interest-semi-addiction? Whatever, you name it.  I just really love playing barbie with the sims. Making them and uploading them and stuff.

But that's not just it.
So you know, many Sim-bloggers don't have blogspot blogs, if you know what my ramblings mean. They use a different base site. So do I, now. I've moved to a new base site which has much more Sim-blogger and where I can learn much from them. Need a clue? Tumblr.

So. I feel like no need writing an emotional farewell post with much feelings, but I just want to say goodbye.

Find me on tumblr. I'd really appreciate if you message me and just tell me about yourself and stuff happening in blogger world.

Because I'd probably never check out blogger anymore.


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